please stop calling Black children who have different interests and tastes white

it’s damaging and alienating


An Ode to the Crop Top

My #cat watching tv. It’s #legobatman

It’s a monumental overask to expect women to be gentle with the egos of men who only feigned friendship in order to get laid.



This is the extended clip of the NYPD and EMS after they’ve murdered this man.  After they’ve realized they’ve killed this man, they pretend as if he’s still alive.  He’s dead on the sidewalk!!  That’s why the EMS didn’t bother to attempt to resuscitate him.  They did nothing to attempt to revive him. He was still in handcuffs and all they did was remove his phone and some cigarettes from his pockets, then slammed his LIFELESS BODY onto a stretcher.  THEY MURDERED THIS MAN!!

  1. If you or I were ever to be caught on camera, in the plain view of day light, committing a crime there would be no need for an INVESTIGATION (open and shut case).  But time and time again, this is the tactic that the NYPD and other terrorist groups across the U.S. uses.  They see a plain video of their officers committing a crime and they “INVESTIGATE” it for years…and as time passes WE FORGET until the next time…WELL YOU BETTER START DEVELOPING A LONG MEMORY BECAUSE THE INCURSION IS COMING FOR YOU AND YOURS IF WE DON’T STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM KILLING US.

Officer DANIEL PANTALEO should be charged with MANSLAUGHTER in the second degree.

  1. MANSLAUGHTER in the 2nd Degree:  According to New York Penal Code section 125.15 (1), a person is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree when he RECKLESSLY CAUSES THE DEATH OF ANOTHER PERSON.
  2. According to NY Penal Code section 15.05(3), RECKLESSNESS is defined as follows: A person acts recklessly with respect to a result or to a circumstance described by a statute defining an offense when he is AWARE of and CONSCIOUSLY DISREGARDS a SUBSTANTIAL and UNJUSTIFIABLE RISK that such result will occur or that such circumstance exists.  The risk must be of such nature and degree that disregard thereof constitutes a GROSS DEVIATION FROM THE STANDARD OF CONDUCT THAT A REASONABLE PERSON WOULD OBSERVE IN THE SITUATION.
  3. Since 1993, the NYPD has expressly banned all applications of police choke-holds because numerous people have died in police custody as a result of these choke-holds!!!  The RULE AGAINST POLICE CHOKE-HOLDS CLEARLY STATES: “Members of the NYPD will not use chokeholds.”  The NYPD patrol guide defines a choke-hold as follows: “A chokehold shall include, but is not limited to, ANY PRESSURE TO THE THROAT OR WINDPIPE WHICH MAY PREVENT OR HINDER BREATHING TO REDUCE INTAKES OF AIR.”
  4. Officer DANIEL PANTALEO is an 8-year veteran of the NYPD.  He is or should be aware of the NYPD rule against choke-holds.  He is or should be aware that placing someone in a choke-hold is therefore reckless (as defined above).  Placing ERIC GARNER in a chokehold was reckless because it’s a gross deviation from the explicit rules of the NYPD against using choke-holds.  DANIEL PANTALEO applied a choke-hold because he clearly applied pressure to ERIC GARNER’S neck (see video).  This hindered the intake of air because you can clearly hear ERIC GARNER screaming “I can’t breathe” (see video). 

DANIEL PANTALEO could be charged with second degree MURDER.

  1. NY Penal code section 125.25 (2) states: “A person is guilty of murder in the second degree when under circumstances envincing a DEPRAVED indifference to human life, he RECKLESSLY engages in conduct which creates a GRAVE RISK OF DEATH to another person, and thereby causes the death of another person.”
  2. DANIEL PANTALEO, as evidenced by other claims of police misconduct and excessive force has demonstrated a history of depraved indifference to human life.  His conduct here is also RECKLESS as outlined above.  And his reckless conduct, while demonstrating a depraved indifference to human life caused the death of ERIC GARNER.

I cannot believe this motherfucker said they didn’t do CPR because “he’s breathing.” Disgusting.


Strolling - Cecile Emeke

This is a strolling episode, part of the short documentary film series where I go on a stroll with people and talk about various issues affecting young people, namely young black women.


Character: Fran of the Viera
Series: Final Fantasy XII
Cosplayer: Eyliuhs Cosplay


Character: Fran of the Viera

Series: Final Fantasy XII

Cosplayer: Eyliuhs Cosplay


Hair goals

Hair goals



Training Day by Kahlin Bedeau Model Jahnae Nelson @ Re:Direct


Love her skin



Training Day by Kahlin Bedeau Model Jahnae Nelson @ Re:Direct


Love her skin

I need white people to stop pretending consent was possible during slavery.

Stop lying to yourselves that those black cousins are the result of illicit love affairs & grasp that slaves could not say no.

When consent is not an option, when you’re only seen as 3/5ths of a human being & you have no legal standing? You can’t say yes.

I need white America to sit down for a sec. Look into the faces of black Americans with the same last names & figure it the fuck out.

Our ancestors were raped by your ancestors. Regularly. Some of the kids were treated kindly. Most were not. They were sold.

White mistresses punished the slaves for “tempting” master & congratulated themselves on that bloody work. Read the narratives.

Not the cleaned up ones either. Read Incidents in The Life of A Slave Girl & understand that Mammy was a victim, not the one who loved you.

She couldn’t care for her kids, couldn’t choose her husband or their father most of the time. She was a slave.

Millions of people died on the Middle Passage. Millions more died here at the hands of your ancestors. Own that.

Now you want to sing Kumbaya & keep oppressing our communities & erasing our contributions. Spare me the tired bullshit.

Male slaves fared no better. There’s a long history of them being raped, tortured & killed too. That was slavery. Stop romanticizing it.

Our children were fed to alligators as bait (feel free to look that up) died of starvation or exposure & that was slavery too. Yep, we were livestock & you use sickly livestock as bait.

Stop watching Gone With The Wind & fantasizing about beautiful plantations if you can’t accept what happened on those plantations.

House slaves had it better in the sense of access to food & possibly better treatment, but they were still slaves.

14 year old slave girls weren’t falling in love with the men who could beat them & everyone they loved to death.

Read the tales of enslaved women who killed their children to spare them. Read about people beaten to death as an example.

Sally Hemings could have left Jefferson in Paris. Of course her entire family was still in his power. And his “love”? Didn’t free her. Ever.

Go look at the pictures of former slaves backs. Whipped until they bled & left to scar so they were maimed for life & couldn’t run.

Also before you talk about the cleaned up narratives, remember that the people relating their stories knew lynching was always possible.

Records of slavery were deliberately destroyed so that former owners wouldn’t have to pay anyone.

That “peculiar institution” was generations of blood, pain, & terror. That’s what built America. Never forget that.

Now stop talking about anyone’s white ancestors like they deserve the fucking credit for the success of people descended from slaves.

American slavery began in 1619. June 19, 1865 was the last official day of slavery. Do the math on how long it takes to heal that wound.

After slavery was officially over? Black codes & Jim Crow laws followed. America’s history of oppression is longer than that of freedom.

Also before any d*mb motherfuckers land in my mentions. I have a degree in history. I will read you to filth & bury you in sources.

Trust & believe there is no country here for people who want to romanticize a system that is still grinding away at my community.

All this fluffy fucking talk about American history to coddle white kids feelings & engender patriotism? You won’t get it here.

My ancestors built this country, I served this country & I will tell the damned truth about this country. Don’t like it? Fuck you.

Now let me get in my feelings about slavery before Africans were brought here. Because we weren’t the first people enslaved.

We were deliberately sought out for our skill sets & resistance to disease. Know why we were resistant? We’d had contact for years.

All of that “My ancestors never owned slaves so it has nothing to do with me?” Go look at those NDN ancestors again. See how many were free.

While you’re in there checking that out? Look up those old country ancestors & see how many benefited from slavery indirectly.

Also while we’re talking about NDN relatives? Yo, learn a name besides Cherokee. Better yet, learn about the genocidal tactics they faced.

Look up immigrant groups becoming white in America. Find out who had to bleed so they could gain access to white privilege.

Let’s really talk about the Red Summer of 1919 & how it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. Tulsa, Rosewood? They were just famous.

Let’s talk about welfare & who could access it. Hell let’s talk about who is collecting more of it right now.

Let’s talk about the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action (spoiler! White women!) & what it means to attack black people instead.

Shit, let’s get into the Great Depression & the Great Recession & who is hurting the most financially through both.

Let’s talk about conditions on reservations, in the inner city, & the violence faced by POC who try to leave those areas.

Hell, let’s talk about why we don’t see shows that reflect the American population set in the past, present, or future.

Go read Columbus’ diaries & see what “civilization” really meant to the people he encountered.

For that matter go read up on King Leopold & the Congo. I’ll wait while you cry.

That’s the thing about whiteness as a social construct in America. It’s not about white people, it’s about white power over others.

When we’re talking about white privilege? We’re talking about what it takes to shape this society based on oppression.

America is a young country with a lot of power because of genocide, slavery, & continuing oppression. Individuals build institutions.

All of these conversations aren’t about bringing out white guilt, they’re about ending this institution developed over the generations.

Also let’s be clear that America is sick with this ish across the political spectrum. It may manifest differently but it exists everywhere.

Before I go, let me also suggest that people who are curious about anything I tweeted about take a tour through Google with terms.

It’s not that I won’t answer questions, but there are books out there that I think everyone should read on slavery, whiteness, & America.

Karnythia,  laying it down with righteousness on Juneteenth — the truth about slavery and its lingering effects on America.  (via skyliting)

I don’t want to see tl;dr no you ALL need to fucking read this. (via thisisnotblackhistorymonth)

I’m too “biracial” to hear this

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*sits back and sips tea*

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